Stop Foreclosures

Has a foreclosure date/auction sale/sheriff sale been set on your home? We can stop it! Even if the sale date is set for tomorrow. Call now for a free consultation.

Get advice from an experienced professional foreclosure prevention specialist. Once we stop your foreclosure date, we can go over your best options going forward for you to stay in your home. We will walk with you through this whole process.

100% success rate in stopping people's Foreclosure dates, Auction sales and Sheriff's Sales. Call now or email us so we can start the process of stopping your foreclosure date.

We have been Stopping these Foreclosure dates in all 50 states for almost 15 years now. Call or email us now so we can help.

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Very straight forward approach. If you have a foreclosure date set on your home; We can stop it!

Our Testimonials

My wife and I had a foreclosure date the next day and "Stop foreclosures" was able to stop it! they did a great job.

Ray Ortiz - New Brunswick, NJ

We thought we would lose our home. Then we called "Stop Foreclosures" and they were able to stop it. Now we are working on a loan modification to get back on track.

Don Miller - Jacksonville, FL

I ran at of hope until I called Stop Foreclosures. They walked us through the process and got our foreclosure date postponed. I am are very grateful I found them.

Roger Benson - Fort Worth, TX